Why I stopped caring what others thought of me

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on May 29, 2016

Dear Reader,

When I was in primary, secondary and even up until I college I had always been concerned with what others thought of me. I was conscious of opinions and worried what people would say or how they would react towards me. I’ve always felt insecure around other people, to the point of social anxiety, and I didn’t like going out either. But something really did change, whether it was surrounding myself with the right people or just me as a person, I stopped caring about all of this and with it the anxiety went too. If I feel like I am going to get negative I just stick on some of my favourite music, relax and do something I enjoy like reading or writing.

tumblr_lq8jqrFKPC1qm4tf0o1_500This statement is so true. Honestly, I was so worried about starting a blog because of what others would think. But then I thought, if I went my whole life based on what others thought of me then I would be leading a life full of ‘what ifs’ and would a life so concerned with others really be mine? So embrace the person you are without the thinking behind it because I am so much happier as a person than I ever was before and I am sure you would be too.

The first step to not caring is finding yourself and knowing that you are worth so much more than you think. Don’t change yourself for anyone and embrace the person you are as an individual. I have never fitted in cliches to be honest and I’m not worried about that anymore. There is always going to be someone who doesn’t understand you, who you don’t get along with. Maybe there’s even a few people! But don’t tire yourself out into trying to make those people happy, it won’t work and you don’t want to be seen as different versions of you just because you have to change to fit in with “those people”. It’s okay to be exactly how you want to be, how you want to dress and how you want to behave, don’t let anyone tell you different.

I realised I needed stop caring when I toke a step back. I viewed my life and my actions, as I do in most situations, from a different perspective. One thing I have realised is you do not need toxic people in your life, they will hold you back and they will make you worry, fret and hate yourself. Do people who love you but you down? No. Do real best friends put you down? No. Should anyone put you down? No. Find people who will love you for exactly who you are and stay who you are. Not for anyone else, but for you. 

I know not caring is going to be hard, there are times when you are going to get down. But if you continue to care all the time you’ll become a spectator to your own life, someone who doesn’t take a stand for anyone or for anything. Don’t be dictated by others, be dictated by you.

Be Like Joey

                 Be Like Joey

This world is full of people who are so confirmative and stick to the status quo, who obey it. The people that don’t give toss about what society thinks are the ones who will change the world. Be the other person. I know I am constantly trying to be. Now, start living the way you want to live, stand up for the truth and be happy. Some of us have to.


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  • I just wrote a big reply. Then I clicked something else by accident and it was all gone. (Sigh.)

    The gist of it was – be objective about other people’s opinions. Take advice, but make up your own mind.

    Great post XD

    • I hate it when that happens! Then then effort to type is like, I’d rather not.

      Thank you! Exactly- make your own decisions in life!


  • Arkon and Annie

    This goes surprisingly well with Florence + The Machine’s song for the Miss Peregrine movie. We really love your blog and this post echoes our own thoughts over the last few months. Great work 🙂

    • I’ve not heard the song! I’ll have too have a listen! Thank you! I love your blog too xxx

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