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on November 30, 2016

Dear Reader,

It seems like ages ago since I went to Norway but I am writing this post anyway. I wrote a blog post (ages ago) about my trip to South Africa (read here) and when I was there I became very close friends with my roommate, Esther. Even though we are always countries apart we still talk to each other and seeing as we first met 2 years ago, we thought we should meet up again. As Esther was studying in Bergen, she offered to show me around the city and to spend the weekend with her as well as catching up. So I went!

I stayed for three nights and I wish it had been longer. On the first night I didn’t arrive until late but we still managed to get up one of the surrounding mountains (Floyen) in what is called the Floibanen which takes you up to near the top of the mountain. It was really lovely as the whole city was lit up as you can see from the photo below.

On the Floibannen

On the Floibannen

After a good sleep and as it was a nice day, Esther suggested she would show me the city of Bergen. I’m really glad we did as the architecture is beautiful. Although I did find that the people just aren’t that friendly compared to in England-but we did get stopped by a very interesting Norwegian who wanted to bless us. We also decided to go to the Ice Bar in the evening which was fantastic as they did a student entrance fee than included a drink. It was about £15, which is quite cheap as everything in Norway is ridiculously expensive.


       Me and Esther Exploring the City


     Architecture in Bergen


                    Oldest Houses in Bergen


    Ice Bar!

On the last day we decided to climb some mountains. I know one we climbed was called Damsgårdsfjellet and we managed to do another one as well. Something I found out is that unlike in the U.K, there is no paths up these mountains in Norway. It was quite tricky at times but it was worthwhile making it to the top and we had lots of snacks and water along the way. I would really recommend at least hiking one of these mountains as you can see all the Fjords from the top and the views are really breathtaking. Even though we’d be hiking all day and I had a plane to catch in the morning, we still managed a night out in Bergen. Which was also very fun, everything bar beer is cheap so that was the only thing I was drinking all night. It meant a very hungover trip home.

Views for days

                         Views for days

I would really recommend everyone to go to Bergen if they can as it is a really beautiful city and the surrounding mountains are also stunning. The only thing about it is that it is incredibly expensive so be prepared to spend more than you thought you would! But it is really worth it, the flight from Oslo to Bergen is also breathtaking and if you had any question on things to do then feel free to message me.

If you have any questions or would like to contact me please email me at or leave a comment below.



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