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on May 25, 2016

Dear Reader,

There is so much stigmatism around tattoos and piercings in general and seeing a few articles about them online I got the idea to write this blog post. I have quite a few piercings but they are all on my ears. I was quite old when I got my ear’s pierced in general since my parents were quite strict about it (even though my younger sister was allowed to get hers done at the same time) since I had to wait until I was a certain age.  I do totally agree with this as I am against girls especially having their ear’s pierced very young. I think it should be the child’s choice as well as the parent’s and it is something that should be respected.  A few years after I got my lobes pierced, I really started to like different ear piercings. I got my upper lobe done in both ears, my helix done on my right ear, my right forward helix done and then my conch on my left ear. In total then I have 7 ear piercings and I don’t regret any. At school, I had a few old fashioned teacher’s who would say things like ‘you aren’t going to listen with holes in your ears’ … piercings don’t affect hearing whatsoever.

I think if you want a piercing, same as a tattoo, you have to think about it and if you want it for life. Especially facial piercings since they do scar. I find that because my piercings are on my ears they don’t get in the way at all. When they were healing I found it hard with my conch piercing to put earphones in and with all of them it hurt quite a bit when I caught them brushing my hair, but it wasn’t anything bad. They also don’t get noticed too often since I have my hair done most of the time which covers them up and then when I’ve been in work I haven’t had any problems with people making comments or anything like that but I could easily cover them with my hair if someone did. I think imperfections do make people beautiful and piercings or tattoos shouldn’t affect the way in which someone is viewed also, each to their own.


Before I was 18 I had pretty much already made up my mind that I was going to have tattoos. I had always loved seeing various designs on Tumblr. I decided that for my first tattoo I wanted to have a book with a love heart inside of it. This is because I literally am obsessed with books and from an early age I told my parents that I needed to have a book at the end of my bed so that I would sleep at night, to this day I will always have a book at the end of my bed even a few. I love reading and it was always a passion. For my next tattoo, it was quite sporadic of me to be honest. Around December a lot of things happened personally  and I have always loved norse mythology. I saw this rune online and meaning behind it is the power of light and the power to create your own reality. I love this and whenever I get down or upset I remind myself that this world is what you create and want it to be, as are you. The meaning of light also is meant to bring me good luck which is quite cute. I think I will get more tattoos but I want a meaning behind them like these do. I also don’t think I would ever get anything massive, I’m way too scared for that! Plus after all, it is for life.

My First Tattoo

             My First Tattoo- My Book

Second Tattoo- Norse Symbol

                Second Tattoo- Norse Symbol

All my tattoos were done at Romiley Ink and I would really recommend them. They made me feel really comfortable and made sure I was happy with the design of the book, the symbol was done freehand. I will be back for more I’m sure.

If you have any questions please email me at or leave a comment below! What piercings and tattoos do you have?



  • I only have piercings on my ears. I don’t have tattoos and never will be because I’m forbidden to have one nor I want to have one. But I think people are made uniquely and we have different interests and perspective in life. So that’s okay. Anyway, I love that second tattoo!

    Love, Fads

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