Start Living, Stop Waiting

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on June 1, 2016

Dear Reader,

I know I’m not so old in my age but I do think a lot older than most people my age, so there is some knowledge in this post. Especially in mid-teens to late twenties I find that people have that feeling of being very lost. We are kind of chucked out of the familiarity of the nest which our parents have created for us and thrown into the big wide world, be that university, apprenticeships or having a job. In any path which you’ve gone down, you can still feel the same. I know that not so long ago I felt very lost, soul-searching, travelling and finding myself are all ways which allowed me to really gain perspective on starting how to life live. Not the life which others want, but the one I want. It’s easy to be trapped in the continuity of work and the same routine easily becoming unfulfilling. If it is, get out of it. You aren’t going to want to question for the rest of your life if you really are happy! We only get one life and we might at well strive for very opportunity we have and create our own lives to lead. If you are reading this and are thinking that you’re just waiting for the mood too shift, it won’t. That is the harsh reality.

Start writing a gratitude list now and if it is becoming an angry rant you’ll start to see that perhaps you’re still waiting. You need to start living. Life does get hard sometimes but you need to start taking your own ownership for it. We all fall sometimes but so what?  Take all the rubbish things that have happened to you so far in your life and look at the position you are in now and then if you want to climb higher, to do more, see more of the world, then do so. As individuals it is very easy to forget how much power we really have. You have the power to change your own life in a instant. You want that change? Change it yourself. You want something to happen? Make it happen.

Create this vision of yourself and where you want to be, review your goals and your dreams. Personally, I plan. I plan most days since I am so OCD about being organised. But, you should plan anyway as time flies to quickly, just don’t forget you are the pilot of that life. Don’t get me wrong, being spontaneous is brilliant and I can be so random at times and just decide that I am going to go out, when I really should stay in and do work, but these choices are all yours to make. It’s scary to think how your choices really do affect the life that you will lead. You won’t want to look back onto your life when you’re 90 and think of all the ‘could haves ‘ and the ‘what ifs’. You don’t want to be someone who tells their grandchildren to live their life because you didn’t. You want to be giving the advice because you did! Think about all what you have done till this point and how far you’ve got to go. There’s so much you are capable of achieving, you’ve just got to listen to yourself and as selfish as it sounds not let anyone else bring you down. You can do it, start living now.

Thanks for reading.

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  • High-five from a similar minded blogger 🙂

  • bookmarked!!, I really like your site!

  • I love these sorts of posts; they’re little reminders that we humans are amazing and we mustn’t forget to live our lives to the fullest 🙂 x

    • Exactly! And everyone is equally as brilliant! ?

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