Salmon and Cucumber Sushi

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on April 7, 2016

Dear Reader,

Before you think I am an amazing cook or anything like that- you are wrong. I can very easily follow instructions from Mary Berry or Antony Worrall Thompson’s cookbooks (personal favourites) and make something edible. I’ve always been the least fussy eater on the planet compared to some members of the family, so I try everything and anything.

Contrary to beliefs, sushi is actually really easy to make and not much effort is needed at all. I bought the ‘Blue Dragon Sushi Meal Kit’ which was a bargain at Morrison’s for just under £5 and it included the rolling mat, the rice and even some soy sauce as well as a few other bits and bobs. I think sushi is great for an alternative meal in the evening but also great for dinner parties and you can show off your rolling skills at the same time.

How to Make:

  • Place the sushi rice in boiling salted water and cook for about 25-35 minutes.  Once done empty the rice bags into a small bowl , making sure any water has be completely drained. If you want any extra flavour to the rice you can add sushi vinegar. Let the rice cool before starting the next step.
  • Get the bamboo matt and cover it tightly with clingfilm. This will allow you to reuse the matt and also since the rice is extremely sticky it will mean it can be easily removed. Once this is done place a sheet of sushi nori on top. Get the rice , once cooled down, and spoon the rice over the nori making sure it forms a thick layer- around 1cm. Also leave a 1.5cm margin on the far side of the nori.
  • Then, using the smoked salmon and cucumber place in thin slices over the rice in the middle.
  • Once this has been done pick up the matt on the side closest to you and roll the matt over so that all the rice is inside the sushi nori. You should now have something which resembles a log.
  • Use some cold water to seal the edges of the opened sushi nori using your fingers and using a serrated knife cut the roll into the sizes which you would like your sushi to be. You can use soy sauce as a dipping sauce to add more flavour or wasabi if you want a bit more of a kick.


The photos above were taken using my iPhone 6 and I was quite proud with how the sushi turned out. I made two rolls and the second one was better than the other but equally as tasty.

Hope you like and if you have any questions please ask.




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