Revision Time!

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on April 30, 2016

Dear Reader,

All I seem to be doing is an endless cycle of procrastination when I have two important essays due in next week and I have one exam coming up. During these times of stress , many students (including myself) go into fits of despair. This includes eating a whole packet of digestives, watching the latest show on Netflix or even ordering Dominos. However, to a degree, these ‘little distractions’ are helpful. If you have been revising and writing so much you need a break, have one. As chances are that your writing is becoming worse and nothing is going into your brain anyway. If you are just procrastinating so much that you’ve done no work, I suggest you sit in front of that computer or book until something clicks in your brain.


A good tip which seems to work for me is to sit in my room with my phone turned off and whenever I feel like my brain has switched off I go and back a cup of tea or coffee and after having a 15 minute break then I’ll start the whole working process again. The key to a good revision session is also having good revision space too. My personal favourite is at my desk. As you can see I’ve got a mug for the tea breaks and everything I could need stationary wise.


If you have any questions or have your own tips please don’t hesitate to message or comment.


Update: The main reason why I haven’t posted is due to the work and amount of books I have stacked in my room. I’ve also moved most of my bits and bobs back home instead of them being in halls, which made me realise I have way to much junk. I will try and post at least once a week when I have finished my essays and exams since I would love to make this a regular blog.





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