My Friday Treat!

Posted in Food
on May 20, 2016


Dear Reader,

Lately, I’ve been trying to be really healthy and cutting out the rubbish within my diet. But, since it’s Friday I thought I would treat myself! I normally have to make very quick lunches as I’m always quite busy so its either something easy or food prep the night before. I am a lover of seafood and I love salmon. So I quickly whipped up a smoked salmon, cream cheese (1% Fat) and cucumber bagel. Most people assume this would be quite expensive for lunch however I found that it cost me £3 at the most. This is because I got most of my shopping from Aldi when I can. Sometimes you can’t find everything there or I won’t buy certain things but just for basics it’s the best! Especially on a student budget! I know some people also turn their nose down at Aldi and I just don’t see why, it isn’t personal shopping at all but that is why it’s so cheap!


Anyway, I had a great lunch and have tried to remain as guilt-free as possible! I think we all deserve little treats now and again anyway. So I hope everyone treats themselves today or if not this weekend!


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