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on May 8, 2016

Dear Reader,

I am no makeup artist or have an amazing talent with applying it myself but like any woman I love makeup. I like messing around with the latest trends or trying different products which have been raved about. However, there’s a few products which I will always return to and use daily. So I have decided to write a post about the makeup I love best and use often.

Primer- Le Blanc De Chanel:

Chanel Primer

I use this before putting foundation on or mixing it with the foundation, to provide some illumination to the cheekbones. I think that it does illuminate well but it isn’t too shimmery and this is why I like it. It also provides slight coverage so for days when you don’t want to wear foundation this really works. It doesn’t control sebum or enhance the wear of your foundation though.  The pump dispenser on both the primer and the foundation are really useful too as it means that you can use the smallest amount and build them up if you wish, which makes them both last and since they are both quite high end, it helps cost-wise. It can be quite a heavy cream but since my skin is more dry than oily it really helps as a slight moisturiser. Plus the smell of the primer is gorgeous.

RRP £33

Foundation- Chanel Perfection Lumiere:

Chanel Foundation

I love the fluidity to this foundation, I use the colour Beige Rose since I have very pale skin so it’s normally difficult to find a foundation that doesn’t give a yellow tinge to my face- and this doesn’t. When home I’m usually out walking a lot in the Peaks so the SPF 10 really comes in handy for that added protection. The coverage is really good depending on the amount of foundation you use but it never looks very heavy which is also another plus. I can wear this in the day or in the night and I’ve never had to add more to my face on a night out, since it is also a long wear foundation. I have combination skin so I do find it particularly hard to get a lasting foundation that doesn’t make my skin oily, so I love this one and will continue to rave about it.

RRP £36

Brows- Benefit Zings Brow Shaping Kit:

Brow Kit

I have used this for the past two years and have never tried another brow product since. Everything in this kit is great, the tweezers and the brush. The powder and the wax are also really natural which the typically the ‘look’ I go for. It does take a while to get a hang of the application but a few times messing around with the kit will easily sort out the job.

RRP £24.50

Mascara- ‘They’re Real! Lengthening Mascara’

They're Real Mascara

At the same time I purchased the brow kit, I also purchased this mascara. I know a lot of fellow students and friends who also rave about this. My lashes are quite long anyway but this really gives that ‘fake lash’ look. I also have a personal hatred for clumpy mascara and this doesn’t clump!

RRP £19.50

Eyeliner- Chanel Ligne Graphique De Chanel, Liquid Eyeliner:


To create the perfect cat eye, I swear by this eyeliner. I did use kohl pencils from Barry M a lot but now I only use this. The pen has really good precision, using a steady hand does take a lot of effort, but the results are worth it though. It does also last long as well which covers the eyeliners cost. I got this for my birthday in October and I have only had to replace now in May so it has latest a good 8 months and I do use a lot of liner weekly.

RRP £26


Contour- Collection 2000 Contour Kit:

Contour KitUnlike half of the nation, I haven’t got obsessed with the idea of contouring. I have only started using this kit and it has already become a quick fave. I don’t use it all the time though and funnily it was bought on a whim in Superdrug. I really liked the shimmer which the highlight and sculpt both had as well as the price seen I had never used/tried to contour before. The instructions on the back (they have now faded) helped to start out with when using the kit too and I find that the No7 contour brush also works really nicely with this. After I have used this I would probably move onto a cream based contour kit.


I have quite a few other favourites which I use daily but I couldn’t write an essay on my blog! I am obsessed with Lipstick Queen though and do recommend you all to take a look at their products. If you’re in the UK you see their lipsticks on SpaceNK’s website and also purchase from them!

Thank you for reading! If you could recommend some of your favourites or would like me to write about anything in particular, please feel free and email at




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