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on June 22, 2016

Dear Reader,

Before I start talking about my bullet journal. I want to say that I went to PinInterest and gathered a lot of inspiration using it. As well as off my favourite posts about Bullet Journalling which can be found at:

Twenty Something MeltDown


A Hearty Home

Sarah’s Chapter

I honestly love using these blogs as it as and after seeing there posts about Bullet Journals I thought I had to start my own. I have only starting doing it for the past week so I don’t have lots of weekly updates yet. I have a Mini FiloFax which can be seen in an older post. I use this to write any addresses down that I need, my work schedule and any assessment deadlines. It’s really handy as it is really small but I found that I just wasn’t being creative enough with it. After seeing the idea of the Bullet Journal all over the blogging community I thought it would motivate me to complete more goals and to plan my life slightly more creatively. I still use my Filofax as more of a go to whereas my Bullet Journal is something I reflect on each day.

I purchased the Leuchtturm 1917 Dotted from Amazon, I got it from another seller though so it wasn’t as expensive. I love the way the notebook is and the paper is lovely too.

My Key and Index 

Key and Index

This is my key page which I use for my Monthly View as well as my Daily Bulleting for things I have to do in the day. You can’t really seen the page opposite that well but it is my Index. I love ordering stickers, mostly from China or Japan, they are so kawaii. But I think I went a bit overkill on some pages so they are littered everywhere.

Rest of Year and 2o17 at a Glance and Word of The Year

IMG_0271 IMG_0272

I saw the idea on PinInterest about having a word of the year, I really liked this  so I decided that I would choose ‘Focus’ as that word. This year I really want too focus on loads of different things, my blog, my studies and myself so I think it fits for sure. Also, to take up some room I filled up the page with a quote and then the other pages with doodles. I have done the year at a glance until December 2017. So, I have been kind of optimistic about still doing the journal until them.

Goals for Rest of 2016


This idea was taken from Margot’s post about her own Bullet Journal. I thought it was really fun to make and I’ve found it really helpful at the end of the week to look back on my week. I started this Bullet Journal only a week ago so I had too remember how I felt from the week before. As you can see I am happy in my mind but want to work on my body and healthy eating.

TBR and Films to Watch

TBR and Films to Watch

These pages are my TBR list and I haven’t filled all the books in I want to read this year but I’ve filled in a few. I also haven’t filled in any films as I haven’t sat down and watched any trailers in the past week since I’ve been so busy, but Finding Dory should be on there for sure.

Saving Goals and Twitter Chats

Savings Goal and Twitter Chat

Okay, so even though I currently have achieved no savings goals. I should have filled in some of this but I haven’t got around to it yet. It has motivated me to think of things I want to spend my money on though. The Twitter Chats page has been really helpful as I keep on going back to look at it and remind myself of what chat is on what day and if I can make it. It also makes me more motivated to join in.

Statistics Page

stats page

I have barely filled this in. I also need to add in now my Instagram Followers since I have only recently just created that. I am hoping I will be really able to reflect on this and see that (hopefully) I’ve made progress.

Weekly and Month Pages


I have done all my Monthly View pages so I can plan ahead but this is my June one. Sine this post is already longer than I wanted it to be. The Weekly View was also from last week from when I started on Tuesday. There are major changes though since that layout just didn’t seem to work for me. I’ve added a weekly timeline of when I am working and moved about a few things too. I really like looking back each night seeing what I have achieved and what I want too the next day. I have had so much fun so far so I really hope I keep up with doing a Bullet Journal and don’t get bored.

If you have any questions or would like to contact me please email me at



  • Ohhh man this is SO pretty!!! I’m in love it’s so so nice! Love the goals trackers especially and the little pie charts for how you’re feeling etc! Thanks so much for including me and I’m now excited to read more posts on your gorgeous bujo and get all the envy!! xx

    • Thank you lovely! I love yours too! I hope I carry on with it, I have been every night but I am loving it so much at the moment. Thank you, the pie charts really help! xx

  • Your bullet journal is gorgeous! I really want to start one but mine definitely won’t turn out as good as some other people’s on Twitter ? Have you seen @hannahemilylane’s bujo posts? Hers are just stunning too! ❤️

    Abbey ?

    • Yes! I’ve seen hers too and love them. I love loads of peoples, I’m slightly addicted. You should do one! ?

  • Ha, this takes far more patience and organisation than I have! Good luck 🙂

    • Thank you! I hope I do keep it up but time will tell. x

  • Wow! You’re so organised with your notes! I wish I could keep my notebook this clean and tidy. 😀


  • Your bullet journal is so cute! I really want to start one but right now I have no time to 🙁 But it looks so useful and pretty! I reckon one would be great to keep track of blogging!

    Jordon @ Simply Adrift

    • Thank you! You should start on though! When you have time, it’s nice to keep a record of everything too.

  • 1 Week Mary

    I love this post and I love love LOVE your bullet journal! I’ve never made one before as I’ve always had an art journal and left it to that but honestly this inspires me to create one – I especially love the goals bit! Great post, thanks for sharing! Xxx

    • Thank you! I should really do a post updating it like a month on! I think you’d make a great one. Thank you lovely xxx

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