Posted in Lifestyle
on March 25, 2016

Dear Reader,

You may have stumbled onto this site by the funny little universe that is Google or perhaps you saw the link elsewhere. Well anyway, I have decided to experiment in creating a blog that (if I don’t forget) will be updated regularly. I have little experience with these types of things but I thought why not! There’s over 200 million blogs online and now one of them happens to be this one.

I picked ‘Wandered Souls’ as this blogs name since I think that many of us are. I think that to a degree everyone is purely looking for a purpose. We have no idea what that purpose is apart from what we choose it to be. I only have an idea now a goal, that was once a fleeting thought. Perhaps this could turn into something, or perhaps I become a millionaire from buying a lottery ticket tomorrow- who knows? This is what people love and despise at times; the idea that anything can happen at any moment. Right now, I’m excited and I hope you are too.





“It doesn’t matter how many people try to ruffle your feathers or throw dirt in your face. The most important thing is to live out the kind of soul that you genuinely are. The problem is, a lot of people mistake kindness for weakness. It makes me sad that there are so many people in this world who don’t understand that being kind can bring you so much happiness.”- Mara Hruby

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