Film Review: ‘Miracles From Heaven’

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on May 23, 2016

Dear Reader,

I started with the idea that I am going to include some book reviews and film/TV reviews on my blog since I love books and I also watch so many films, so why not! If you love emotional stuff now and again like ‘My Sister’s Keeper’ or anything by Nicholas Spark’s then you will love this film. Honestly, it’s inspired by a true story and the memoir of Christy Beam. It is about a young girl, Anna Beam, who suffers from and incurable disease, the families battle with this and a near-death experience that somehow saves her.

I’ve seen a lot of reviews stating this film is ‘too preachy’ since it is very faith-based however I am not devoutly christian or religious for that matter but I did really enjoy the film and didn’t find that at all. Yes, it was preachy in parts but it tied in well and after all it is telling a story about miracles. The film very much focuses on Christy and her determination to save her daughter and Jennifer Gardner portrays her so well in the way in which she is warm yet strong. I think the director, Patricia Riggen has done so well to capture this film, since it is very emotional demanding. When you watch this bring tissues! Honestly only about 30 minutes in and I was already balling my eyes out.


The film does include pictures of the real family too which I think is a perfect touch. There are also some really touching moments, especially in the children’s hospital. Queen Latifah also makes an appearance, though it is fleeting, however she was a nice addition to the cast. I do think her talent was wasted in this film though and her character seems more like an ‘add on’ that anything, but hey ho!

Overall, if you don’t believe in anything at all then I still think you should watch this film, it will have you believing in miracles and is very feel good at the end, past all the tear-jerking moments! Unless, if you’re like me then you will continue to cry through the happy moments too.

Have you watched the film? If so, what did you think of it? Thanks for reading!

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