Being Different Is A Good Thing

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on August 29, 2016

Dear Reader,

I think it has been a while since I’ve done a personal post in a while. I think the most personal I have done so far was ‘Why I stopped caring what others thought of me’. And, having posted that at the end of May, it seems like so long ago.

So, I wanted to talk about something else, which is also sort of personal too. Recently I’ve been reflecting on a lot of things in my life. I know that people change and I think in a way I have. I still remain the person that I was and always have been, but I’ve embraced being me more. 


I know I’ve always been slightly different, in the way how I think to the way I used to dress. I’ve figured out that other people don’t like different. You can be bullied, you can be beaten but you shouldn’t let these people get to you. Literally fuck those people. Being different it amazing. Why the hell would anyone want to be apart of the crowd? I know I don’t want to be and I’ve stopped trying to fit in it.

My bones are not dirt. And even if they are I would much rather make peace with the insects living inside of me than have someone take a shovel to my spine and dig out all of who I am. – Meg Kyla 


I think also you sometimes you lose yourself in the many daily occurrences and the buzz which is life and trying to fit into the crowd. It’s so easy to lose sight of goals and become so concentrated on certain things or even certain people. But I think having that opportunity to step back and realise who you are, is truly beautiful. There is nothing more attractive than a man or woman who knows exactly what they want to achieve.


Losing sight of something is easy, but finding it again is even harder. I know now exactly the person who I am and I know what I would like. I know more than ever that I’m going to start writing again and I want to create something that other people will enjoy reading. I want to really keep posting on my blog since I love all of my readers  (you’re all great) and I want to pass university and go onto travel the world. Take every chance you have in life because some things only happen just once.

Now, these may be massive targets. And you maybe thinking I can’t do it. But, I know now that if I believe in myself then I know, I can. I just have to be more motivated and continue to be happy within myself, forever setting goals.




  • BLESS THIS POST!!!!!!! I totally agree Imogen!!!! Also, keep your plans flexible! Goals are fantastic but don’t pass up on the stars because you’re waiting on a lightbulb! (Yeah… I don’t know where that came from!) 😉 <3 <3 <3

    • Sorry for not replying for a while. Thanks lovely! I will do! That’s amazing for something that came from nowhere <3 <3

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