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Sometimes Shit Just Happens

Posted in Lifestyle
on February 22, 2017

Dear Reader,

I know this title seems particularly foreboding and it wasn’t necessarily meant to be that way; it just turned out like that. The reality is sometimes shit just happens. It doesn’t mean you’re asking for it, you caused it or that any of it is your fault. It just happens.  I’d say that the past month in my life has really been an eye opener and there has been multiple reasons for this, some which I’ll probably talk about in later posts.

       This gif pretty much sums up my feels:

The fact that sometimes no matter how hard you try, as a person, life can just get you down has really hit me. For me I find my outlet in writing down my feelings or escaping into my favourite books and when I’ve gone from a slump of writing or reading loads to nothing. It gets to me. This month I’ve really been struggling to write anything. And, I’m putting this down to a lack of self. A lack of solitary in self. Who am I as a person? And, what do I want to achieve?

I’ve spoke in the past in a previous blog how one of my goals this year is to be myself. But what I’ve come to find is that your own self or being, changes constantly. Especially at the age that I am (20), I feel that nobody has truly found themselves at all. Also, I’m not sure if I’ve spoke about this before, but the reason behind my blog name is because I feel like a wandered soul. I feel very lost at times; wandering the abyss that is the world (which is incredibly scary).

After speaking to others its easy to see that I’m not the only one that feels this way. More often than not the retort is ‘you’ll be fine’ or ‘you’re just having one of those days’. So, I’m speaking to all those you’ve had that response: it’s okay to feel lost. It’s okay to feel like nobody understands you and it’s okay to be different than those surrounding you.

Society tells us today that we need to conform. We don’t. Those individuals that are different; stand out. I’ve always looked back at history and thought I’d like to be one of those people that contribute something. If that be my way of thinking so be it. To all the lost souls, be you to the extreme and don’t let anyone tell you different. And if shit happens, go with it. Obstacles are what make us and break us. They can destroy you but then you can rebuild and learn from them. And, like a phoenix reemerge from the ashes reborn.


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My 2017 Goals

Posted in Lifestyle
on January 9, 2017

Dear Reader,

I know loads of people have already done their ‘new year, new you’ goals etc. But, I needed some time to think on mine and I these were the ones which appeared to me the most:

Number 1: Stop wasting time

This may sound very clique, but it is so true. Us, as humans, seem to think that our time is almost infinite. We go about our daily lives, filling in the same routine, doing the same job, without actually thinking; ‘what if I am not here tomorrow?’. Our lives are not infinite, we don’t live forever, and for some of us our time here is very limited. The fact that in the next few decades, people you love might not be here anyone should capitulate into not wasting anymore time. Take action. So, if you want to go travelling, ask that hot guy on a date in your class, or simply take a long walk. Do it. The clock is ticking and you are in control of what happens in your life, nobody else.

Number 2: Be myself 

This past year I have done nothing but purely take a breather and focus on the things what I want. Since, at times this can get lost or you can. I’ve completely and utterly focused on my love for books and for writing alongside my university work. I’ve gone out with new friends and old friends. I’ve travelled to different countries and had fantastic experiences. I want nothing more to repeat this. Being myself has made me the happiest person I could be, being myself has made me realise who my true friends are and finally, it has opened up a whole new part of me I never knew existed before.

Society today tries to conform us into looking like the next woman or man in magazine; we want the makeup, the same hair trends, the same relationship goals. But what if this didn’t matter? What if we weren’t so busy trying to compete? Their would be a lot more individuality within the world. Being an individual, being a bit different or slightly weird, is something I will always embrace. Who wants to conform? I don’t.

Number 3: Stop overthinking 

I know personally, I can get so wrapped up in work or other responsibilities that I forget about the things I really want or I begin to overthink about situations or things from the past. I know from speaking to other people that they overthink too. Who doesn’t?

It’s so hard not too. As, whatever issue life presents to us, we overthink them. Big or small. The one thing which is going to help me overcome this goal is to realise that overthinking does not lead to insight. The only thing that is going to allow to me see that, is experience. Acting on actions lead to finding clarity, whereas me overthinking about them, does not.

“Thinking has, many a time, made me sad, darling; but doing never did in all my life….My precept is, do something, my sister, do good if you can; but at any rate, do something.” ~Elizabeth Gaskell

Number 4: Work harder

Keep pushing yourself. I know if I continue to push myself I can achieve so many more goals. There has been so many times this year when I have decided that I couldn’t be bothered or that I was too tired. But, realising that you need to work harder is the first step and then it just simply becomes an action that needs to be reminded every now and then.

Number 5: My blog/writing 

So I was debating whether or not to put this as a goal or not but it is. I wanted this year to work so much more on my blog posts, doing regular book reviews and getting the content I like out there. That I want people to read.

Another, major goal for me this year is going to be to start writing my own book. I have loads of ideas and whenever I start something, I never finish it. This time, I want to be able to finish it. I want to achieve at least writing one book this year and completing it.

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