Book Review: ‘Tiger Lily’ By Jodi Lynn Anderson

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on June 9, 2016

Dear Reader,

A great book blog called Life is a Book Blog did a short review on this novel. I, loving all things to do with Peter Pan, just had to purchase it. So last Friday I bought it and I haven’t been able to put it down since. Normally I go through one book every 2 or 3 days but due to other commitments it seems to be taking me a bit longer. Sadly, if all my life could be devoted to reading it would be wonderful…and I would get so many more blog posts done!

Tiger Lily acts as sort of a prequel but it isn’t. It is so much more than that. It’s the story of a romance between Tiger Lily and Peter Pan, before and after the arrival of Wendy Darling. Tiger Lily isn’t like the other girls within the tribe, she doesn’t just quite fit into Neverland. She has skills for hunting and swimming, not crafting and sewing, like the other female members of the tribe, but this doesn’t bother her. Until she meets Peter.

This is far more than a glittery love story or anything seen in a picturesque Disney film. It’s not what I expected at all, but that was a good thing. It is set in a world in which the good doesn’t always win and neither do the good guys.  Neverland is fantastically transformed by Anderson, yet the undertones J.M Barrie’s classic are still there. Do you want to know how the crocodile came to tick? Read Tiger Lily!

The subtly of the darkness within the novel is entrancing and just so that it fits into the Young Adult Category and doesn’t merge over into Adult too much. I think that there are key themes such as of the arrival of the ‘Englanders’ which would be understood more by adult readers. Since, when I read it I thought straight away of the settlers coming to North America and the changes they forced upon their culture.  The narrator,Tinker Bell, acts as a mute fairy who can feel and read others thoughts. This helps to give the different perspectives of all the character’s and also gives a very personal feel to the whole of the novel. So it is first person, yet not. This narration worked particularly well on the perspective of the villains, to me they no longer became cruel and Hook was and is just a sad old man.

I thought the whole novel was very moving and quite dark and as soon as I had finished it I had this deep wistful feeling. One that is the reminder of growing up and it is the same echo that of course is within all Peter Pan stories. It is a definite must-read! I am totally in love with the story myself and I felt by the end that I knew all of the character’s so deeply that I could call them friends. This novel will move, captivate and hold you long after you read it.


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  • Fab review! Sounds really interesting! *adds to TBR* *is attacked by TBR pile* *is found buried under a pile of books days later*

    • Thank you! I honestly have so many books in the TBR pile, it is getting so bad!!!! Then it’s also having the time to write the review and gather pictures…argh!

  • Brilliant review. I’d not heard of this before but it sounds so interesting and right up my street.
    – Adel |PalettePale xx

    • You’ll have to get it! I’m sure you’ll enjoy it! Thank you!

  • Love this review; I’m going to pick this up for my holiday read, it sounds so magical!

    Thanks xx

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