Book Review: ‘A Thousand Salt Kisses’ by Josie Demuth

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on August 18, 2016

Dear Reader,

In a previous review on my blog of Monstrous Beauty (click here to read), I declared my love of all things to do with mermaids and sea folk. I have the complete set of Helen Dunmore’s Indigo series signed and I also have a few of the Emily Windsnap books also signed by Liz Kessler. I was a bit obsessed when I was younger. So, when I was given a copy of A Thousand Salt Kisses in exchange for an honest review I was over the moon.

  • A Thousand Salt Kisses by Josie Demuth
  • Kindle Edition – Pages 443
  • Release Date: 29th April 2016
  • Published by: Wise Ink Publishing
  • ISBN: 9781634899192
  • Goodreads page for the novel here


Seventeen-year-old Crystal White is the new girl on Starfish Island. Dragged to the remote community by her environmental activist father, she is eager to find fun that doesn’t involve touching fish guts or listening to local folklore.

During a midnight swim with some new friends, Crystal is pulled out to sea by the waves. Convinced she’s going to drown, Crystal is rescued by Llyr, a handsome stranger. As she searches for him in the following weeks, she finds there may be more truth to the Starfish legends than she thought.

Over a sizzling roller-coaster summer, Llyr introduces Crystal to magic she’d only ever dreamed of. But as Crystal comes to love Starfish Island, it begins to drive her family apart. A nearby power plant is devastating local marine life, and her parents are stuck in the middle. As the magic and mundane parts of Crystal’s life converge, she finds herself risking everything to save Llyr, her family, and herself. [blurb from Goodreads]


My Review

If you aren’t familiar with the author , Josie Demuth, she’s an author who first published on Wattpad and this is where the Salt Kisses series started and gained over 3 million reads. Which, in my opinion, is pretty amazing. And here we are with the first published novel.

If you’re a lover of YA romance , like myself, then you’re going to love this novel. I am mean literally fall in love with it. I don’t this is about most books and if you hated it I would gladly pay you back for buying.

A Thousand Salt Kisses is the perfect combination of romance, growing up and fantasy. It’s a story about a young girl who moves to Starfish Island and meets a handsome stranger ,Llyr, on a disastrous night out. I know this may seem a little stereotypical and you may be thinking not another summer romance. But they are the best. It covers coming of age to environmental issues. And even though the whole novel at times may seem completely unrealistic it is intended to be young adult and I thought this mermaid romance was full of realism.

Crystal was a character close to my heart. She had the emotions and feelings that most young girls have and go through. I know many of us can relate to her and I know I certainly could. To her questionable nature about Llyr to handling her rowing parents. I can see how as a character Crystal can be slightly irritating, she overthinks so much and comes to conclusions too quickly about this. But, I just saw more of myself in this and could easily understand why and how she was feeling this way.

The romance between Crystal and Llyr was also just gorgeous. I feel like werewolf and vampire romances have taken over young adult fiction ever since Twilight. But why? The idea of a mermance just seems well – so much more exotic. Who wouldn’t fall for a merman? Especially the hunk of a man who is Llyr. I think that all young women are secretly looking for a Llyr in their lives too.

The truth was, I had never felt like this about a guy, and I felt like a complete fool. I barely knew him, or, coming to think of it, barely knew if he existed. – A Thousand Salt Kisses

There is so many great elements to this novel and I feel I could write so much on it. I love Cornish myths and the tales of merfolk since I was young so this book really took me back to that part of my life. Demuth- I thank you and I can’t wait until this complete series becomes published. I’ll be waiting.

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  • Eleanor

    I’ve never heard of this book but it sounds so good! I loved your review 🙂

  • I’m not really into the mermaid-y-ness tbh. But that dude has a Welsh name! Yay! XD

    • I think I always have been into it! I know some people just aren’t though and yes I love his name too!

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