Book Review: ‘Star Racers’ By Martin Felando

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on September 6, 2016

Dear Reader,

I got sent this ebook by the author himself, Martin Felando. Star Racers has done so well winning the National Silver Medal winner for Best Science Fiction at the 2016 IPPY Book Awards. Martin has been fantastic and ever so patient with me doing my review (so thank you) also. All his social media links for the novel can be found below so be sure to check them out!

  • Star Racers by Martin Felando
  • Kindle Edition provided for Review – 550 pages 
  • Release Date: 18th February 2016 
  • Published by: McBarron Books 
  • ISBN: 9780996735704
  • Goodreads page for the novel here 


The Star Racers saga begins, and way too much fun awaits you… In the year 3834, Maelae and other ruthless killers threaten Earth and thousands of planets. Earth and other planets have only one hope: win a dangerous race called Grand Battle. Courageous art gallery owner Sashi Oon trains to become a racing sponsor, but nearly everyone considers her unqualified to guide any battlejet pilot through the massive obstacles of the electrifying race. When Sashi chooses Rev Arden the kid from Earth, no one gives them a chance. Join Sashi, Rev, rockstars Stepp Gro and Krissy Frekels and their brave, lifelike warrior princess dolls, as well as Dupaon, Scrap Meat, Eyeball, Betsy’s Lover, and Imani from Intelligent Sources on this incredible adventure. Don’t miss the Pinky & Dux Show! [blurb from the author himself]


My Review:

Whenever I get given science fiction novels I am always so apprehensive about them. I’m not well acquainted with the genre at all but after reading Star Racers I feel like this genre could be like a new best friend to me.

Firstly, the illustrations at the beginning of the chapters were just gorgeous! They really helped me to visualise the novel and to accompany the rich and vivid story that was being told by Martin.

Secondly, I love a bit of romance (as you all know) and I was fully shipping Sashi and Rev all the way. I just wanted to keep on reading to known more about these two. It was also lovely to see how all the characters had been so intricately developed within the book. There wasn’t a character that didn’t have some kind of purpose and I felt that alone just showed the intricacy to plot and story detail Martin has provided for his readers. Word building is something which does let some books down but this was one of the strongest examples I have seen in a long time.

Star Racers has to be the most refreshing science fiction novel I have read. It ticks all the boxes for me personally and for someone who hasn’t read sic-fi in a while or who hasn’t at all I would recommend this book above all others.

Martin can be found at the following links below so be sure to check them out. The Instagram page shows a lot of the illustrations within the novel which are stunning, as said previously.

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