Book Review: ‘Spirits of Vengeance: The Stone Spirits’ By Andrew Rainnie

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on July 9, 2016

Dear Reader,

I was sent this book by the wonderful author Andrew Rainnie, so thank you. He can be found at his official website and Spirits of Vengeance: The Stone of Spirits is also on Amazon, now in paperback and in an e-book format. It is a fantastic epic fantasy. If you love Lord of the Rings by J.R.R Tolkien then you will love this novel. It’s the first book in its series, with second novel The Assassin of Araneque is arriving at some point in the following year to come.


In the distant land of Enara, the religious zealot Lord Malenek marches across the continent of Amaros, cleansing the world with his army of Vengeance Spirits. Standing in his way is an unlikely adversary, Kamina Elloeth, a young tree elf who is inadvertently entangled in Malenek’s plans. She embarks on a quest with her ghostly brother and a mysterious Ishkava Ranger to find an ancient artefact, one that may hold the key to saving the world from Malenek’s destructive schemes. Facing her fears, Kamina will travel over oceans and deserts, fight through swamps and jungles, and battle legendary creatures to unearth the power hidden within the Stone of Spirits. [blurb from Goodreads]


Spirits of Vengeance by Andrew John Rainne Published by CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform                Release Date: 4th December 2014

My Review:

Being completely honest,at first, I found it difficult to get into this novel. However, as soon as I was about 6o pages in I was swept away by the world of Enara. I had to sit down and really concentrate when reading this which sometimes I find hard to do but I enjoyed doing it.

I find most fantasy novels are not very well-written and lose the main focus of the plot, to me they can lack certain things. This novel certainly did not do that. As soon as I had finished it, I was wanting more. The fantasised world had me so captivated and spellbound and the wonderful characters ,which were beautifully created, had me enticed.

Even though this is a lengthy read it is worth it. I kept wanting to read more, to find out about my favourite character (it kept changing). At first I loved Kaedin and Kamina (two elves) and then I slowly warmed to the ever so brilliant Callaghan Tor. I loved how there was a strong female character in Kamina and it’s something which is lacking in many epic fantasy novels.

The plot is complex and there are a lot of minor character’s but it all adds to build and create this wonderful world. I loved how they all had individual names and how the descriptions of everything were so visual that I could see the journey which was being taken to unite the two worlds.

Spirits of Vengeance had that Tolkien feel and you could tell that Rainnie has been influenced by the great man, not to say that as a bad thing! I loved it! Overall, Spirits of Vengeance was a very entertaining read that had me captivated and enthralled. I did find myself mentally screaming when characters either toke the wrong or right turns (a very good sign).

Do I think epic fantasy lovers should read this? YES. I recommend you read it straight away. I loved being swept away into Enara and am looking forward to the sequel. 

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