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on June 6, 2016

Dear Reader,

So a few of you that follow me on Twitter will see that I’ve been dying to start doing book reviews and begin to turn my blog into more of a lifestyle and book blog, and it something that I certainly am going to do! Right, onto the review.

I had heard of the Slated Trilogy from a few friends who love dystopian novels but I had yet to read it myself. After having a really busy week I decided that I was going to attempt to read all three over the weekend and I am so happy that I toke that time! Teri Terry is a fantastic author who’s writing holds your suspense and grips you to read all three all at once. I hate using the Ebooks and Kindles, but I just had to have them straight away, so I bought one after the next.

The story starts with the first book (Slated) and the reader is automatically introduced to one of Kyla’s memories. Kyla is a sixteen year old who has to relearn everything in a process called ‘Slating’. This is wiping ones previous memories, since that person has supposedly been violent or committed crimes in their previous life. This process was inflicted by the government , no longer the UK but the Central Coalition, to give criminals a second chance- a clean ‘slate’. But there’s a catch- they have to follow all of the governments rules. If they are under eighteen this includes a new Mother and Father that are meant to be family and a Levo which measures the Slated’s moods and makes sure they don’t get violent, depressed or even too happy. If this happens the device ‘shuts’ the person down. Now, Kyla is no ordinary Slated, she has flashbacks and nightmares of memories she isn’t supposed to have and remember a life she’s meant to have forgotten. All of the books in the trilogy follow her search for the truth and the conflicts this causes.

I really did become completely entranced with the series, it is very provocative in the way in which Terry addresses the near future. Especially the conflict with the government, named the ‘Lorders’, and the anti-government terrorists. Since it wasn’t so long ago Britain was made up of two (not very compatible either) parties, it’s interesting to see the political take of this in a YA fiction, along with how their society deals with it. I also enjoyed the inner battle within Kyla herself which I will say no more about otherwise I will be causing some big spoilers! And the ending…which I also can’t mention either. The only thing that I found slightly annoying, which I find in most dystopian novels, is that I wanted to know the origins of how it all came to be, but this could possibly be an idea for another book which Terri Terry could possibly write. Who knows?

Like most Young Adult novels, the trilogy did include a romance. This is between Kyla and a stereotypical gorgeous boy, Ben, who only shows the slight bit of interest in females when he meets Kyla. He is also a Slated. I did like the idea of a love story within the trilogy, as I am a typical romantic at heart and a massive sucker for any love story. However, the novels didn’t really seem that focussed on it and the more it came up, the more it became a sort of ‘add on’. Not that this was a problem, since the novels were very much focussed on Kyla’s recovery and the search for truth, which is perfectly portrayed.

If you are a fan of dystopian novels and love young adult fiction then I would really recommend to read these novels. I have yet to read anything else my Terri Terry but I certainly will do the foreseeable future. If you’ve read any of her others novels let me know what you thought of them.

Also, have you read this trilogy, if so what were your favourite moments? If you like the sound of the trilogy, then click the book covers below to buy the books on Amazon.


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  • Well done on the first review! (They get easier.) (Slowly.)

    • Thank you lovely! It felt like I put so much effort into this one! Hope you liked it though x

      • I did like it! 🙂 Fab tone – nice and chatty! 🙂 And I’m looking forward to more! Quick tip: Break your paragraphs up a li’l more – people have really short attention spans! (Like me: I have a short attention span!) XD

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