Book Review: ‘Dandelion on Fire’ by Sherry Torgent

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on August 22, 2016

Dear Reader,

I got sent this Ebook by the lovely Amanda at Blue Ink Press , thank you again! I have been meaning to read it for ages. One of my favourite book blogs also did a review on this novel which made me want to read it even more (and I’m glad I did).

  • Dandelion on Fire by Sherry Torgent
  • Ebook Provided for Review – 414 Pages
  • Release Date: 31st January 2016
  • Published by: Blue Ink Press
  • ISBN: 9780692353684
  • Goodreads page for the novel here


Everyone knows the legend—Greene Island is cursed. 17-yr-old Hardy Vance doesn’t care about curses. All he wants to do is graduate from high school and head to college on the mainland. But Hardy has a knack for finding trouble. When he gets stuck doing community service with a girl that has a secret, their lives quickly become entwined in a murder mystery that leads straight back into the island’s dark past and the dreaded Curse of Viola. It’s up to Hardy and the supernatural abilities of his friends to uncover the horrible truth using the only clue left behind.[blurb from Goodreads].


My Review:

Dandelion on Fire  is the first novel within the Greene Island mystery series and I wasn’t really sure what to expect. It’s a mix of coming of age, mystery, sci-fi and fantasy. Now, I bet you’re thinking four genres?!?!

But, yes. There’s a complete mix within this book and at times I did feel like the plot just got a little bit too mixed up however it eventually evened itself all out and by the end of the novel I was wanting more. I really enjoyed the writing of Torgent in the novel as I felt somehow it was incredibly calm. Even when there was some jumpy bits! I also really liked the humanness of certain moments against the science fiction elements such as Darcy’s eye. There was some really lovely subtle touches in this novel.

As much as the novel was about the two adorable protagonists (Hardy and Darcy) it was about their transition into adulthood and discovery. I found that as the story progressed I began to really like the backgrounds of both and the characters and they were developed really well. It wasn’t a book either than was directed singularly at women or men either but for both sexes.

A lot of the super-natural elements in the novel seem to have been left unanswered or a bit unexplained so I’m hoping they will be in the next novel and throughout the series. I just hope I have time to read the next one… and soon.

Overall, I think this is a very new and good contender within the YA scene. There’s lots of elements but with Torgent’s writing it doesn’t become confused. I really wasn’t expecting some of the elements to happen but they did. I liked not being able to guess. Torgent is a certainly a writer to watch for the future and a total breath of fresh air in YA fiction.

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  • That cover is wow! >.< Great review Imogen 🙂

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