100 Goals in 15 Years

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on July 3, 2016

Dear Reader,

I thought that I would share with you all my 100 goals which I would like to achieve in the next 15 years. I doubt I will achieve them all but it is something to look forward too and have at the back of my mind. They are in no particularly order and some are quite random!

  1. Go on a ‘Girls Only’ family holiday.
  2. Go to a Football game together.
  3. Have a regular family night when back from university.
  4. Spend as much time as I can with my family.
  5. Take my Brother and Sister out regularly.
  6. Experience Disneyland together.
  7. Revamp my entire wardrobe.
  8. Learn how to drive a car.
  9. Learn how to drive a motorcycle.
  10. Develop a meditation routine.
  11. Meditate with a monk.
  12. Learn to surf.
  13. Learn how to play guitar…well!
  14. Meet the Dalai Lama.
  15. Write a letter to the future me.
  16. Grow my hair really long.
  17. Ride an elephant.
  18. Go back to South Africa.
  19. To Travel and visit as many countries.
  20. To visit my friend Esther.
  21. Spend the night in a treehouse.
  22. To have a wolf encounter.
  23. To take many photos.
  24. Learn to speak Italian.
  25. Buy a VW Camper Van.
  26. To publish a book.
  27. To get more tattoos.
  28. Learn calligraphy.
  29. Learn hand-lettering.
  30. Graduate with at least a 2.1.
  31. Interview an inspirational person.
  32. Climb a mountain…thats big.
  33. Have a kayaking trip.
  34. Learn how to scuba dive.
  35. Go Scuba diving!
  36. Paint an entire canvas.
  37. Learn better graphic design.
  38. Build a career.
  39. Become something!
  40. Find many things to love.
  41. Read at least 1,000 books.
  42. Attend a bloggers meetup,
  43. Attend a blogging conference.
  44. Speak at a conference.
  45. Find a Blogging BFF!
  46. Create different streams of income.
  47. Learn better Web Design and improve.
  48. Become good at being a life coach.
  49. Help 10 people achieve a life goal.
  50. To have over 1,000 subscribers on my blog.
  51. To get better at my blog Instagram.
  52. To have over 1K Twitter followers.
  53. To be published.
  54. Generate a blogging income.
  55. Monetise blog.
  56. To write an e-book.
  57. To blog weekly.
  58. To carry on blogging for another 15 years.
  60. To always be creative.
  61. To create an emergency bank fund.
  62. To have no debts.
  63. To buy a house.
  64. To buy a car.
  65. To have many animals.
  66. To save £10,000.
  67. To lose 4 stone.
  68. To complete a 7 day cleanse.
  69. To run a marathon.
  70. Be a vegetarian for a month.
  71. Run a tough mudder.
  72. To compete on a team.
  73. Complete the whole 30 challenge.
  74. To complete a monthly Instagram challenge.
  75. To have no takeaways for a year.
  76. To pay for a strangers shopping.
  77. Buy christmas presents for a family in need.
  78. Volunteer in the community.
  79. Help a friend in need and ask no questions.
  80. To give a stranger in need £100.
  81. Visit Bali.
  82. Take a trip to Australia.
  83. Interail the whole of Europe.
  84. Attend a carnival in Rio.
  85. Take a random weekend away.
  86. Take a random flight and get on it.
  87. Attend an outdoor music festival.
  88. Visit all of the 50 US states.
  89. Go to Ireland AGAIN.
  90. Hike the Inca Trail.
  91. Backpack.
  92. See Antartica and the Northern Lights.
  93. Climb to Everest Base Camp.
  94. Explore the Amazon.
  95. Take the Trans-Siberian Railway.
  96. To see as many animals in the wild as possible.
  97. Take a cruise.
  98. See Petra, Jordan.
  99. Go Gorilla Trekking.
  100. Go to BoroBudor

tumblr_o9lpacCtRD1qj8eeco1_500I know the likelihood of me being able to do all of these is hugely limited to actually doing them. But I would like to try and I think having this list means I have something to work towards at least. They are also all goals which would make me happy and the main thing to focus on is making yourself happy.

If you have any questions or would like to contact me please email me at imogen.thompson96@gmail.com or leave a comment below.



  • No takeaways for a year?! That’s a serious challenge girl! I’m not sure I could manage it ? I love the idea of having a list like this to work towards, I bet it will give you a lot of motivation! Thanks for sharing ?

    Abbey ✨ http://www.abbeylouisarose.co.uk

    • I know! I was thinking this is going to be a serious challenge. But it is something which I can set for the next 15 years so hey ho! You should do one too lovely!

  • Fab ideas Imogen! 🙂 Also, glad that you want to learn to scuba dive BEFORE you go scuba diving – always helpful 😉 And try not to have a wolf encounter IN the treehouse, and you’ll be fine 😉 (clearly my brain works weirdly before my morning coffee – sorry!) Also, I’m vegetarian! I can’t help with recipes because I’m cr*p at cooking, but I can help you find which chocolate is veggie 😉 #Priorities XD

    • Thank you! Only just seen this now. I’ve been doing my Instagram this week so neglected the blog a but. I thought I would better try to learn first, I could dive in though (quite literally). How have you found been a vegetarian? I love fish more than meat…but chicken. Chocolate is always a priority.

      • I was actually raised vegetarian – so it’s completely normal to me! The Bestie isn’t veggie, and neither is the sis-in-law, but both of them like Quorn chicken-pieces. They say it’s not the same as chicken, but they like it in it’s own right.

        • I think I could keep it up, just not sure if I would be able too for a lifetime! I like Quorn!

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